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Bricard Award
Since 1998, the ASFERA promote a young scientist in aerosol research by offering the Bricard Award.

The Bricard Award is intended to recognize the scientific work of a doctorate French student. The award consists in sponsoring the doctorate student for presenting his work to an international conference (EAC or IAC). The selection is made by the ASFERA Board. The price is named after Professor Jean Bricard (1907-1988) who was active at the University of Paris from the late 40's to the mid-70's and considered as the father of the French Aerosol Science. His work was focus mainly on the physics of the atmosphere and clouds. If any further information is required regarding this award, please contact the ASFERA' office.

The winners of the Bricard award are the followings :

  • Dr. Nicolas Jidenko for his work performed at the Laboratoire de Physique des Gaz et des Plasma (UMR 8578) presented the International Aerosol Conference EAC'2004 (Budapest) : Nanoparticles production by filamentary discharges in air at atmospheric pressure.
    J. Aero. Sci., Volume 1, S29-S30
    Bricard Award 2004

  • Dr Laurent Vecellio None for his work performed au sein du groupe de pneumologie et imagerie de ciblage de l'universit de mdecine de Tour : A Standardized gravimetric method to measure nebulizer output.
    Vecellio-None, L., Grimbert, D., Bordenave, J., Benoit, G., Furet, Y., Fauroux, B., Boissinot, E., Lemarie, E., Diot, P.
    J. Aero. Sci., Volume 1, S419-S420
    Bricard Award 2003
  • Dr Marjorie Boissier for her work performed at the Centre Scientifique et Technique du Btiment (CSTB) presented at the International Aerosol Conference IAC'2002 inTaipei (Taiwan) : Study of fungal bioadhesion on inert surfaces.
    Boissier, M., Moularat, S., Robine, E., Renoux, A., Moreau, R.
    Abstracts of the Sixth International Aerosol Conference, Vol 2, pp 723-724
    Bricard Award 2002
  • Dr. Laurent Mes his work performed at the CORIA / University of Rouen : Interaction between ultrashort pulses and aerosols.
    Mes, L., Gouesbet, G., Grehan, G.
    J. Aero. Sci., 32, S991-S992, 2001.
    Bricard Award 2001
  • Dr. Franois Gensdarmes for his work performed at the Institut de Protection et de Sret Nuclaire (IPSN) in Saclay : Experimental study of the electrical charging of radioactive aerosols.
    F. Gensdarmes, D. Boulaud, A. Renoux
    J. Aero. Sci., 31, S1025-S1026, 2000.
    Bricard Award 2000 (in french)
  • Dr. Christelle Huet for her work performed at the Universit de Bretagne Occidentale (UBO) in Brest : Characteristics of radon decay products in a typical dwelling in brittany. Comparison between experiments and Praddo model.
    C. Huet, G. Tymen, N. Michielsen, D. Boulaud.
    J. Aero. Sci., 30, S803-S804, 1999.
    Bricard Award 1999 (in french)
  • Dr. Florence Roger for her work performed at the Institut National de Recherche et de Scurit (INRS) in Nancy : Behavior of the IOM aerosol sampler as a function of external wind velocity and orientation.
    F. Roger, G. Lachapelle, J.F. Fabris, P. Grner, A. Renoux
    J. Aero. Sci., 29, S1133-S1134, 1998.
    Bricard Award 1998
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