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Investigation of Dust adhesion with an Original Combined Experimental Approach (DOCEA) to support planetary, lunar and asteroid missions

Type de contrat : Bourse de thèse 3 ans
Entreprise : ONERA The French Aerospace Lab / Toulouse
Fonction : PhD student

Description du poste : The physics, instrumentation, environment and space department is seeking a highly motivated PhD student for a research project on moon dust contamination in extra planetary environment. At ONERA Toulouse Center you will be working on innovation for future robotic and manned missions to the Moon. While previous manned missions lasted a few days each, the next ones are planning a continuous presence at the lunar surface. The science community and industry are going to operate their instruments and systems in harsh conditions, especially with fine, adhering and very abrasive dust. Your tasks and responsibilities will consist in • Filling the knowledge gap in dust adhesion physics in a representative space environment • Creating test bench and methods to verify and quantify dust adhesion • Feeding and improving current simulation tools/models • Participating to the development of in-flight dust sensors • Preparing mitigation techniques You will perform part of the experimental tasks at ESA Technical Center located in the Netherlands. Find more information on ESA web site :

Contact : Jean-Charles Mateo-Velez

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