The microscopic particulate matter suspended in the air (i.e. the aerosol) influence earth and man in many ways. Aerosols, either natural or man-made, may be perceived as "good" (aerosol therapy, production of nano particles for high-technology application, etc.) or "bad" (exposure to dust at work, weather effects, indoor and outdoor particulate pollution, chemical and nuclear safety, radiation protection, etc.)

The Aerosol Science has been - and continues to be - a major field of scientific enquiry, touching on many disciplines, including physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, meteorology, technology, engineering, etc.

An understanding of the aerosols - their characteristics, effects and applications - is of great importance. Therefore, the ASFERA fosters the exchange of information in providing a forum for all persons with an interest in aerosol problems.

Although the word aerosol is popularly used to refer to pressurized spray-can, it is the accepted scientific term, which applies to any microscopic disperse system of liquid or solid particles suspended in a gas.


CFA2023 - 36th French Aerosol Congress Paris
15 & 16 March 2023
EAC2023 - European Aerosol Science Conference Malaga
02 to 08 September 2023


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